07.04.2018 @ Winterberg (Sauerland)

Hiking on the Kahler Asten-Steig

Hiking in Westfeld (Sauerland) & Winterberg (Sauerland)

Kahler Asten-Steig also known as Golddorf Route Westfeld.

One of the most beautiful tours in Winterberg and the surrounding area. The circular route, with varied paths and trails, leads up to the second highest mountain in the Sauerland, the Kahler Asten. Here you will find wide panoramic views and smaller streams. There are also plenty of opportunities to rest and a well-signposted route.


16,0 km
5:47 h
Max altitude
838 hm
Min altitude
492 hm
Elevation gain
675 +hm
Elevation loss
675 -hm

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The tour is very well signposted. You just have to follow a golden "G".