Perch on the Hüttenkopf

Perch on the Hüttenkopf

10.06.2017 @ Brilon Wald (Sauerland)

From Brilon Wald to Hüttenkopf

Hiking in Brilon Wald (Sauerland)

This tour takes you up to the Hüttenkopf and then along the Laupketal back to Brilon Wald.

From the summit of the hut head you have a wonderful view to the Bruchhausen stones and the surrounding mountains and forests. Since you are mostly on gravel roads, bike enthusiasts can also take this tour with their bike.


10,0 km
3:28 h
Max altitude
671 hm
Min altitude
465 hm
Elevation gain
367 +hm
Elevation loss
367 -hm

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Start your tour on the Friedrich-Köster-Weg, which leads to the Brilon Wald clinic. Walk up the paved road for a good 500m until you come to a junction on your left. You follow this 1km to a crossroads. From the four possible routes you choose the right one (this is parallel to the direction you came from). Then follow the next turn to the right. This dirt road leads you below the Hüttenkopf. Here you have the possibility to use one of the many paths to climb to the summit. From there you have a great view of the surrounding country.

The tour continues until you come to an intersection with four options. The far left route is the right way here. After a few hundred meters there is another turn. Here again you keep left. One way to shorten the tour is 200m. If you continued to follow the gravel path, you would reduce the distance by a few kilometers, but if you walk along the right you continue on the actual tour. 1.5 km further on you will see a gravel road on your left which will take you up a few meters. Follow this for 2km to the intersection from which you originally came. Here you continue to follow the gravel path until after another 1 km you reach another intersection. The far left path takes you back to the main road.