Bromskirchen - Oberlinspher Weg

Bromskirchen - Oberlinspher Weg

Hiking in Bromskirchen (Waldeck-Frankenberg)

The extra tour Oberlinspher Weg (Silbersee and Oberlinspher Mühle) takes you along the intersection of Ederbergland in Waldecker Land and Hallenberger Bucht in Sauerland.

You hike across large meadows, through dense forests and on varied paths. There are also plenty of opportunities to rest and linger. The highest point of the tour is the Lichtenberg, which is the end of the hike.


12,8 km
4:13 h
Max altitude
582 hm
Min altitude
392 hm
Elevation gain
394 +hm
Elevation loss
351 -hm


This tour is well signposted, you have to follow a yellow O on a blue background.