Bleiwäsche - Aabachtalsperre & Fürstenberger Forest

Hiking in Bleiwäsche (Sauerland)

Hike from lead washing through the Fürstenberg forest to the Aabach dam.

The tour takes you from the small village of lead washing through the Fürstenberg forest to the Aabach dam. At the intermediate line of the circular route is the dam, where there are many options for a break.


14,0 km
4:12 h
Max altitude
466 hm
Min altitude
343 hm
Elevation gain
267 +hm
Elevation loss
267 -hm

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From the starting point it goes straight for one kilometer. In front of you is the Hugo Peus Weg from which you will come back later. But you stay on Glashüttenstraße and turn slightly right. Now follow this path to the Schützenwiese, which can be easily recognized by a house in front of it. Now you turn right and after a few hundred meters left. Now it's going up. When you get to the first intersection, continue on the left. You follow the current path to the end. Now you turn left and you come to a path that leads directly to the dam.

After walking over the dam, you will come to a fork after a few hundred meters. Here you turn left onto Hugo Peus Weg (this is also signposted). You follow this and keep right. At the end of the path you come back to the Glashüttenstraße and to Bleiwäsche.